Photos by Monika Sobczak


Performance, 15 min
June 9th, 2013 at the Cyprus International Performance Art Festival, Nicosia

I place a knife, a watermelon and a glass of honey onto the pebbly ground. I kneel down, with my face next to the ground, start smelling, start listening to the stones. Then I begin with scratching my face on the rocks, hurting myself and causing little injuries.

Afterwards I put some honey on my head and my wounds. I start picking up some of the yellow blossoms, that laid down on the ground, and put them onto the honey and my face. I lift up the watermelon, it’s a huge one and it slowly glides between my honey-sweet hands.

I start biting the melon, making a hole into it and exposing the flesh. Now honey and watermelon-flesh is running down my white clothes. After scooping the melon, i put it onto my head, wearing it like a helmet, fast breathing. I kneel down again, take the knife and scratch my eyes out to see again.